The province of Groningen was the first province of Europe, to take a hydrogen-prepared vehicle of E-Trucks Europe in its possession. This was back in 2017. Groningen’s vision is that hydrogen is the way to make her inner city emission free.

Therefore they ordered their first full hydrogen-electric hybride truck from E-Trucks Europe. This Truck is driving daily through the streets of Groningen. They ordered this vehicle back in 2018. In 2019 they ordered the second truck from E-Trucks Europe, but it does not stop here. There are many more trucks planned for usage in Groningen in the near future, so stay tuned.

The Hydrogen-electric trucks can drive in Groningen by means of a mobile refueling station. The truck has enough fuel on board for about five normal refuels. Therefore the truck can drive 2 days without having to refuel. A truck that drives on Hydrogen (H2) does not emit toxic gasses, so this fits the philosophy of Groningen. Groningen wants to be fully emission neutral in 2035.

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