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E-Trucks Europe is always looking for innovative opportunities in sustainable transport. We produce hydrogen-hybrid vehicles with an electric power train, which means that they are silent and generate no emissions. Thanks to the built-in hydrogen system, which turns hydrogen into electricity, the vehicles can be used 24 hours a day and remain clean.

E-Trucks Europe would be delighted to think about sustainable transport solutions with you!


E-Trucks Europe has been producing sustainable transport solutions, including hydrogen, since 2010. As a result, we were the first in Europe to get a hydrogen truck on license plate. As a company, we are naturally very proud of this. We are prepared to share these successes with you, this can be in the form of safe and good hydrogen vehicles. This can be based on service to your hydrogen vehicle, but also in sharing knowledge about hydrogen and everything that goes with it.

Our goal is to get you ready for the energy transition, so that you can switch to a cleaner (hydrogen) vehicle well prepared. We want to achieve this by looking together with you personally for a targeted solution to your problem. But especially by building a partnership together.

Are you curious about the areas in which E-Trucks Europe can help your company, or do you find it interesting to hear more about hydrogen? please contact us, we will help you further.

Last news

10 January 2019

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries. The driveline for these refuse lorries is 100% electric which means that they are quiet and that they don’t produce any greenhouse gasses or particulate matter. To increase their range, these vehicles have been fitted with a hydrogen system, which converts the gas into electricity with just pure … Continued

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15 March 2018

E-Trucks Europe delivers hydrogen-ready vehicle to Amsterdam

On Thursday 15 March, Alderman Choho proudly presented the first hydrogen-ready household-waste truck for Amsterdam. E-Trucks Europe produced this truck, which currently operates fully electrically, but is already prepared to be extended to become a hydrogen-hybrid waste truck in 2019. An important step in the journey to the municipality of Amsterdam’s goal to reduce its … Continued

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