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E-Trucks Europe is consistently looking for innovative possibilities of sustainable transportation. We produce hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicles that have a electric powertrain, therefore they are quiet and produce no emissions. The build in hydrogen system, that converts hydrogen in to electricity, makes it possible to use the vehicles 24 hours a day whilst maintaining clean. We as E-Trucks Europe develop, build, sell, rent, service, maintain and repair hydrogen-electic trucks.

Our company was founded in 2010, where we started looking for sustainable transportation solutions. We experienced that only a electric motor and a battery pack, was not enough to supply the demanded energy. Therefore we starded looking for a diffrent energy sources, where we experienced that hydrogen isthe best long-term solution for Heavy-Duty transportation.

E-Trucks Europe has already managed to get multiple hydrogen powered trucks on the road in Europe. We are also the first producer to get a hydrogen powered truck licensed and road legal in Europe.

E-Trucks Europe gladly thinks along with you about all the sustainable transportation solutions and are willing to share our knowledge! Just send us a message or give us a call.


Last news

Baetsen-Etrucks Europe Westerhoven-20190411-_5D39671

10 January 2019

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries. The driveline for these refuse lorries is 100% electric which means that they are quiet and that they don’t produce any greenhouse gasses or particulate matter. To increase their ra ...

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Amsterdam E-truck in blauw deel 2

15 March 2018

E-Trucks Europe delivers hydrogen-ready vehicle to Amsterdam

On Thursday 15 March, Alderman Choho proudly presented the first hydrogen-ready household-waste truck for Amsterdam. E-Trucks Europe produced this truck, which currently operates fully electrically, but is already prepared to be extended to become ...

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1. Logo Life

30 May 2017

Register now for the LIFE ’N GrabHY! workshop at E-Trucks Europe in Lommel

We’re organising a LIFE ’N GrabHY! workshop in collaboration with LIFE on Friday 9th June. We will be providing information about the LIFE programme and the LIFE ’N GrabHY project and we’ll also tell you everything about cu ...

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23 May 2017

First Municipality with Hydrogen-Powered Bin Lorry

The municipality of Groningen is the first European municipality start using a hydrogen-powered bin lorry (from E-Trucks Europe) and a road sweeper. it will also be using two hydrogen-powered passenger cars. Groningen considers hydrogen to be the ...

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E-Truck Gent

28 November 2016

The city of Ghent gets into sustainability with electric transport

In November, all the departments of the city of Ghent received a new Canon printer. That’s not really groundbreaking, you might think, but the supply of those printers was done in a highly sustainable and innovative way. They were all delive ...

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26 September 2016

Waterstofnet organises ‘Waterstofregio 2.0’ Congress

WaterstofNet will be organising a congress all about hydrogen applications in Belgium and the Netherlands for the fourth time on 25th October.  We would like to invite you to come and engage in the discussion with, among others, the Minister ...

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21 September 2016

E-Trucks Europe at Ecomobiel trade fair again this year

The 8th Ecomobiel trade fair will be taking place in De Brabanthallen in Den Bosch on 4th and 5th October 2016. The trade fair offers practical solutions to meet questions of mobility more economically and sustainably every year.

As in prev ...

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15 September 2016

E-Trucks selected for RegioStars Awards final

CrossRoads – a project by Interreg IV – has been selected for the final of the RegioStars Awards: ‘The European Awards for innovative projects’. The prize ceremony will be held in Brussels on 11 October during the European ...

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28 April 2016

Interregproject Hydrogen Region 2.0 officially launched

Flanders and the Netherlands collectively invest EUR 14 billion in hydrogen via Interregproject 2.0! E-Trucks Europe is one of the partners of the project.


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18 April 2016

Breda for hydrogen, step by step

The city is the heart of the economy these days, and that's only going to increase in the future. This increase is also going to be accompanied by a growing demand for goods, services and transport. The municipality of Breda wants these goods ...

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