Hintzen Logistik

Hintzen Logistik is located in Eschweiler (Germany) and has a vehicle fleet of eighty transport units. Recently Hintzen has expanded her modern fleet with a 22 ton truck equipped with a full electrical driveline. With this investment Hintzen hopes to contribute to the environmentally friendly distribution of goods within the city area of Aachen (Nordrhein-Westfalen), quietly en with zero emission.


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10 January 2019

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries

E-Trucks Europe builds hydrogen-electric hybrid refuse lorries. The driveline for these refuse lorries is 100% electric which means that they are quiet and that they don’t produce any greenhouse gasses or particulate matter. To increase their ra ...

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15 March 2018

E-Trucks Europe delivers hydrogen-ready vehicle to Amsterdam

On Thursday 15 March, Alderman Choho proudly presented the first hydrogen-ready household-waste truck for Amsterdam. E-Trucks Europe produced this truck, which currently operates fully electrically, but is already prepared to be extended to become ...

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