18 January 2016

The Materials Department of the municipality of Groningen organises a mini-symposium on hydrogen.

On  January12th a ‘knowledge meeting’ was organised about the practical applications of hydrogen in the Automotive en Logistiek building of the Noorderpoortcollege. The Materials Department organised the meeting in collaborat ...

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22 August 2015

Tinie Manders in Geldrop to trial E-Truck

Small trucks and refuse lorries powered by electric motors aren’t exceptional but that isn't the case for trucks with semi-trailers. They are still fairly unfamiliar.

There’s not a lot known about the total cost over their t ...

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8 July 2015

Lommel Residents’ Survey Positive for E-Truck

A residents’ survey in Lommel has shown that electric, freight transport is regarded very positively. “Our residents noticed that an electric lorry was driving around in the last few months with the town of Lommel’s logo on it&rd ...

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17 June 2015

E-Truck guest at Congress ‘Journées Hydrogène dans les Territoires ‘ in Cherbourg (F)

Use the tide of the sea to generate power. And then convert the surplus of electricity into hydrogen. That is one of the topics at the congress 'Journées Hydrogène dans les Territoires' on June 17th and 18th in Cherbourg (Fra ...

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3 June 2015

Hydrogen powered garbage truck from CURE present at ReinigingsDemoDagen

On June 3rd and 4th the 7th edition of the biennial event the 'ReinigingsDemoDagen' took place in Lelystad. It is thé meeting place for industry peers in the cleaning sector. E-Trucks Europe was also present with the hydrogen powere ...

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1. Hinzten truck

31 March 2015

E-Truck Hintzen Logistik meets strict requirements of RDW

In September 2014 Hintzen Logistik expanded its fleet with a 22-ton electrically powered truck. To obtain the final number plates for this E-Truck, a number of extensive tests had to be done at the test centre of the Department of Road Transport ( ...

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1. Cure wagen

29 November 2014

Trial E-Truck on hydrogen successful

Strolling down the Eindhoven city center you have probably seen it around: the hydrogen powered garbage truck from CURE Waste Management. As of November 29th 2013 this truck is deployed every Friday for collecting waste paper in the environmental ...

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1. Logo_Watestofnet

18 November 2014

Flip Bamelis speaks at Hydrogen Congress in Helmond

On November 18th WaterstofNet organized a Hydrogen Congress together with the Automotive Campus. Six people, including Flip Bamelis of E-Trucks Europe, gave a presentation about the current affairs in their field of expertise.  In his present ...

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1. DSC06518a

7 October 2014

Well attended trade fair Ecomobiel in AHOY Rotterdam

On October 7th and 8th the sixth edition of the trade fair Ecomobiel took place in Rotterdam. The trade fair offers practical solutions to deal with mobility issues in a more economical and sustainable manner. E-Trucks Europe was also present at t ...

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1. P1030551

5 October 2014

E-Truck CityDepot present at ‘Open Bedrijvendag’ in Hasselt

On October 5th hundreds of companies in Belgium opened their doors to the general public. E-Trucks Europe was present in Hasselt with the electric truck of CityDepot.

Since March 19 the internal fleet of CityDepot in Hasselt has been expand ...

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