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15 September 2016

E-Trucks selected for RegioStars Awards final

CrossRoads - a project by Interreg IV - has been selected for the final of the RegioStars Awards: ‘The European Awards for innovative projects’. The prize ceremony will be held in Brussels on 11 October during the European Week of Regions and Cities. The winners in each category will receive a trophy and certificate, presented by European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu.

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28 April 2016

Interregproject Hydrogen Region 2.0 officially launched

Flanders and the Netherlands collectively invest EUR 14 billion in hydrogen via Interregproject 2.0! E-Trucks Europe is one of the partners of the project.

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18 April 2016

Breda for hydrogen, step by step

The city is the heart of the economy these days, and that's only going to increase in the future. This increase is also going to be accompanied by a growing demand for goods, services and transport. The municipality of Breda wants these goods to be transported sustainably and safely and, despite the increase, without a reduction in air quality.

For this reason, E-Trucks Europe has been commissioned to convert a refuse-lorry into a completely electronic vehicle This E-Truck will drive silently and will not emit any fine particles or CO2. And this is just a first step, because as soon as the building of a hydrogen filling station in Breda is a fact, the refuse-lorry will be converted to hydrogen. 

18 January 2016

The Materials Department of the municipality of Groningen organises a mini-symposium on hydrogen.

On  January12th a ‘knowledge meeting’ was organised about the practical applications of hydrogen in the Automotive en Logistiek building of the Noorderpoortcollege. The Materials Department organised the meeting in collaboration with the Noorderpoortcollege. Car engineering students, interested colleagues from within and outside of the municipality and just about the entire Materials Department were informed about the current use of hydrogen as a fuel. The municipality has the ambition of being climate neutral by 2035 and from now on to be emission-free in the city centre. ‘A sustainable vehicle fleet goes with that. That’s why we want to be the first municipality which collects rubbish with a hydrogen vehicle. A car that is powered by hydrogen produces 0% emissions. The only thing that comes out is water vapour”. 

The future is now
The future is now is what an enthusiastic Stefan Holthausen told the audience. The hydrogen car which he uses everyday was a prominent eye-catcher during the lecture. Stefan is director of a family business which specialises in the delivery and transport of all sorts of gases. The research arm of the company is investigating the possibilities for hydrogen in the transport world. Stefan showed the energy station which he would like to build in Groningen where, among other things, you would be able to tank-up on hydrogen. He challenged the students to work with the company,  “Who's going to offer their moped? We'll turn it into a hydrogen moped!"  

Hydrogen Kangoo delivery van
Stefan Neis, project manager at Waterstofnet ['Hydrogen Network’] explained the possibilities for hydrogen, how it is handled safely and the many sustainable hydrogen projects in Flanders and in the south of the Netherlands. Henryk Brinksma from Deo Drive already sells hydrogen cars like a hydrogen Renault Kangoo, which is 100% electric, doesn’t produce any emissions and which has a work radius of 320 km (almost 200 miles). “Filling up takes just 3 minutes. That’s a bit different than the hours that a normal electric cars takes.” André Beukers, director of E-Trucks Europe, also spoke. His company converts, among other things, rubbish collection vehicles. These now become electric vehicles, with the electricity produced by hydrogen. One of these rubbish vehicles has been used in Eindhoven for some time now.
Car conversion
“That was interesting,” said Lourens Doornbos from the work place afterwards. “It’s good to be brought up to date about the current state of this technology.” He and his colleague, Geert Bos, are talking about the possibility of converting a lorry into a hydrogen car in the work place. “If we spend time working on it, we'll get a good impression of the technology involved", said Geert. "Enlightening,” said Rompt Noordenbos. “A worthwhile meeting. It was good that the doubts were discussed, about the energy that has to be generated for this technology and whether the capacity is enough”.  “Our students and teachers at the Noorderpoort are also enthusiastic about the lectures. We want to join in with these initiatives," said Hans Leenes, director of Noorderpoort Automotive. “We have to work together with the application of this new technology."
To be continued
“This is definitely going to be followed up,” explained Gerrit Griffioen. “We, the municipality, are in dialogue with businesses which can convert vehicles or supply them so that they work on electricity with hydrogen. We're thinking principally about vehicles which drive in the city centre, like rubbish collection vehicles, street cleaning machines and suchlike. We have to start converting the vehicles in such a way that the emissions measured are zero without it being at the cost of their practical use.. This is part of our responsibility to residents, employees and visitors to our city”.

Source:? Municipality of Groningen newsletter

22 August 2015

Tinie Manders in Geldrop to trial E-Truck

Small trucks and refuse lorries powered by electric motors aren’t exceptional but that isn't the case for trucks with semi-trailers. They are still fairly unfamiliar.

There’s not a lot known about the total cost over their total useful life, the trade-in value of clean vehicles and what a second- hand battery is worth. The technology doesn't extend that far yet either. Electrically powered lorries aren’t exactly rolling off the production lines.

Daily shuttle
As of Tuesday, the international transport and logistical company, Tinie Manders in Geldrop, will be testing a 16.5 metre long electrically driven combination for a week. A demonstration truck from E-Trucks Europe in Westerhoven is going to be used for a daily shuttle service across the region. E-Trucks maintains the electrical section of vehicles and supplies and maintains the housing of the entire electrical drive assembly. According to brother and sister, Frank and Eveline Manders from the transport company of the same name, the estimated range of a 20 tonne combination is about 80 kilometres.

Working green
Manders’ experiment has been prompted by the needs of the transport company’s clients. They are working increasingly green and want their haulier to service their distribution sustainably as well.

The E-Truck which Manders will be using from Tuesday will be charged by a power unit that has been specially placed at the Flight Forum. The truck takes eight hours to charge and it costs not much more than 11 euros.

Source: Eindhovens Dagblad 22-08-2015
Photo: Bert Jansen

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