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For the most part, the base of an E-Truck is similar to a conventional diesel truck. With one major modification: the power train. The conventional diesel engine is replaced with a PEM electro engine.

This electro motor is powered by energy from the battery pack. The vehicles’ battery pack is mounted on the left and right side of the chassis frame. By removing a number of components we were able to create enough space for the battery pack.

The entire power train of the vehicle, with exception of the electrical engine, is identical to the conventional vehicle. With the major advantage that the vehicle maintenance can be done by your dealer. E-Trucks Europe maintains the electric part of your vehicle.

Due to the minor adjustments to your vehicle it is possible to keep the valuable construction of your truck.

E-Trucks Europe also helps you to search for solutions to lower the energy usage of the construction.

Would you like to know more about our sustainable transportation solutions? Please contact us, without any further obligation.. We are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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