All is quiet at E-Trucks Europe

E-Trucks Europe lets visitors literally experience how silent electrical driven trucks are. ”By placing the vehicle on the rolling road, we want our visitors to experience the limited noise an electrical truck produces. It is a way to show transporters and governments the possibilities of the E-Truck in inner-city areas”, says Sander Braken of E-Trucks Europe.


“E-Trucks Europe is continuously looking for possibilities to make the freight transport more sustainable. For example, we can equip new and used vehicles with an electrical power train. With this solution we focus on the issues concerning inner-city distribution. More and more cities expect an increase of zero emission zones in the future. In these zones, only zero emission vehicles may be used. A major advantage of electrical vehicles is the fact that they are silent. This enables goods to be delivered at night which contributes to the reduction of traffic during the day.

Logistic service providers can distribute the goods of their customers in a sustainable way. This helps to reduce the harmful emission in the customer’s supply chain.

Source: Ecologistiek, 02-10-2013