E-Truck CityDepot present at ‘Open Bedrijvendag’ in Hasselt

On October 5th hundreds of companies in Belgium opened their doors to the general public. E-Trucks Europe was present in Hasselt with the electric truck of CityDepot.

Since March 19 the internal fleet of CityDepot in Hasselt has been expanded with an electric truck from E-Trucks Europe. CityDepot delivers goods destined for inner-city companies in Hasselt in a smart and sustainable way. Companies deliver their goods to the distribution center located just outside the city limit. CityDepot delivers these goods in an environment friendly way to the businesses in downtown Hasselt.

‘Open Bedrijvendag’ is the largest one day event of Belgium and takes place yearly on the first Sunday of October. Visitors have the chance to discover how their favorite products are made, how businesses work, where their neighbor works … For a company it is the opportunity to proudly show what happens day in and day out behind corporate walls.