E-Truck Hintzen Logistik meets strict requirements of RDW

In September 2014 Hintzen Logistik expanded its fleet with a 22-ton electrically powered truck. To obtain the final number plates for this E-Truck, a number of extensive tests had to be done at the test centre of the Department of Road Transport (RDW) in Lelystad in Holland. It is now clear that the E-Truck has passed these tests successfully and that registration is underway.

Strict requirements Road Traffic Act
The Road Traffic Act requires enhanced requirements for electrically powered and hybrid electric vehicles. They have must meet detailed safety requirements for use in daily traffic. These requirements relate specifically to the electric powertrain. Grosso modo the vehicle must meet the following safety requirements:

–  Uniform provisions concerning the approval of electric vehicles (UN / ECE Regulation # 100).
–  Tests and requirements relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, Directive 72/245/EEC and 97/24/EC).
–  Testing and requirements with regard to the road handling (handling regulations).
–  Requirements on cabling, power supply shutdown and placement of the battery pack. (Annex IV, annex 4, Regulations for Vehicles).

Now the E-Truck of Hintzen Logistik has demonstrated its ability to meet the most stringent requirements of the RDW, this prepares the way for the other E-Trucks from E-Trucks Europe.