3939-130114-E-Trucks Stad Lommel truck met oplegger


For the most part, the base of an E-Truck is similar to a conventional diesel truck. With one major modification: the power train. The conventional diesel engine is replaced with a PEM electro engine.

This electro motor is powered by energy ...

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7031-E-Trucks Baetsen truck72 dpi

Baetsen Groep

The Baetsen Group helps customers find solutions in the area of transportation, crane rental, containers, recycling, construction material, excavations, demolitions and synthetics. And they prefer to do so in a responsible way. Ever since 1960 Bae ...

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0877-061213-E-trucks Waterstof Cure

Cure Eindhoven

CURE Eindhoven collects garbage for 135.000 households in Eindhoven, Geldrop-Mierlo and Valkenswaard. CURE has 35 vehicles at its disposal some of which run on natural gas. In the upcoming years CURE wants to deploy more sustainable vehicles and f ...

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8512-270314-E-trucks Citydepot

Citydepot Hasselt

CityDepot developed a new delivery method for the city of Hasselt. Companies in downtown Hasselt have their goods delivered at the distribution center of CityDepot at the city limit. Subsequently CityDepot delivers all the items to the inner-city ...

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Hintzen Logistik

Hintzen Logistik is located in Eschweiler (Germany) and has a vehicle fleet of eighty transport units. Recently Hintzen has expanded her modern fleet with a 22 ton truck equipped with a full electrical driveline. With this investment Hintzen hopes ...

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Hydrogen Region 2.0

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