E-Trucks Europe produces first hydrogen powered truck

The electrical driven garbage truck from CURE in Eindhoven has been expanded with a hydrogen range extender. And that makes it the first hydrogen powered truck.

“In an earlier stage we have provided the truck with an electrical power train”, explains André Beukers, CEO of E-Trucks Europe. Together with WaterstofNet we have expanded the electrical power train with a hydrogen range extender. Since garbage trucks almost exclusively operate in densely populated areas, it is very valuable when these vehicles are able to drive with zero emission.

Hydrogen is oxygen to grow
André Beukers believes that hydrogen is the proverbial ‘oxygen to grow’. “The technology for heavy vehicles is still developing and our knowledge and skills lie especially with these heavy materials. For heavy materials hydrogen is more interesting as an energy source than a battery pack. Hydrogen can be produced on a local market and resources are available more easily.

For the garbage truck, we decreased the battery pack and added a system based on a fuel cell, which acts as a range extender. This system provides both the vehicle and the construction of the garbage truck with an extra source of mobile electrical energy.”

Heavy trucks require a lot of energy
Qualitative energy management is the biggest challenge. To use the electrical vehicle within its operating range is not a problem. The required objectives are easily met , even without adding a fuel cell. Trucks equipped with a construction, for instance a garbage truck, require much more energy. For those situations you simply cannot work without a range extender. The hydrogen fuel cell has proven to be a very effective solution. We believe it is the only option to realize a zero emission vehicle.

Refuel Hydrogen
With the opening of the first hydrogen filing station for trucks on November 29, 2013 at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, there is nothing that stands in the way of a successful future for zero emission transportation.