Flip Bamelis speaks at Hydrogen Congress in Helmond

On November 18th WaterstofNet organized a Hydrogen Congress together with the Automotive Campus. Six people, including Flip Bamelis of E-Trucks Europe, gave a presentation about the current affairs in their field of expertise.  In his presentation titled 'Een waterstofvuilniswagen in de praktijk’ (‘A hydrogen garbage truck in practice’) Flip described the experiences of garbage collector Cure from Eindhoven with their hydrogen powered garbage truck.

About a year ago E- Trucks Europe provided the electrically powered garbage truck of CURE with a hydrogen range extender. And by doing so the first hydrogen powered truck was a fact. In an earlier stage the truck had been equipped with an electric powertrain, but with the support of WaterstofNet it was extended with a hydrogen range extender. For heavy trucks that demand a lot of energy it’s the only option to achieve a zero emission vehicle. Since garbage trucks almost exclusively operate in highly populated areas, zero emission is very valuable.

The focus on hydrogen as an energy carrier in cars, buses and trucks grows. Driving on hydrogen is considered by many as a promising alternative for the mobility of tomorrow. Hydrogen tanks can be filled in minutes just like petrol and diesel.  There is a challenge to construct an infrastructure and the cost of the fuel cells. At the end of last year a hydrogen filling station by WaterstofNet was opened at the Automotive Campus.