Tinie Manders in Geldrop to trial E-Truck

Small trucks and refuse lorries powered by electric motors aren’t exceptional but that isn't the case for trucks with semi-trailers. They are still fairly unfamiliar.

There’s not a lot known about the total cost over their total useful life, the trade-in value of clean vehicles and what a second- hand battery is worth. The technology doesn't extend that far yet either. Electrically powered lorries aren’t exactly rolling off the production lines.

Daily shuttle
As of Tuesday, the international transport and logistical company, Tinie Manders in Geldrop, will be testing a 16.5 metre long electrically driven combination for a week. A demonstration truck from E-Trucks Europe in Westerhoven is going to be used for a daily shuttle service across the region. E-Trucks maintains the electrical section of vehicles and supplies and maintains the housing of the entire electrical drive assembly. According to brother and sister, Frank and Eveline Manders from the transport company of the same name, the estimated range of a 20 tonne combination is about 80 kilometres.

Working green
Manders’ experiment has been prompted by the needs of the transport company’s clients. They are working increasingly green and want their haulier to service their distribution sustainably as well.

The E-Truck which Manders will be using from Tuesday will be charged by a power unit that has been specially placed at the Flight Forum. The truck takes eight hours to charge and it costs not much more than 11 euros.

Source: Eindhovens Dagblad 22-08-2015
Photo: Bert Jansen